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Former VP for Knowledge Management Leslie Peters

In her 40 years in radio Leslie Peters has been a reporter, talk show host, producer, program marketer, and audience analyst. After stints reporting from Capitol Hill and New York's City Hall, Peters co-hosted a daily call-in show on WNYC-AM, then went on to produce various nationally distributed music and cultural programs. She was co-creator of "Heat with John Hockenberry," a nightly talk show from National Public Radio that won a 1991 George Foster Peabody Award.

Peters pioneered program marketing in public radio, receiving the first National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in that field. In 1988 she established NPR's Program Marketing department and directed it for nine years.

She joined Audience Research Analysis in 1997 as a member of the core team for the AUDIENCE 98 project, the largest and most comprehensive study of public radio's listeners to date. Its findings initiated her leadership in another major study, The Listener-Focused Fundraising Project, also supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. While at ARA she worked extensively with clients, and was a member of the team that designed the Strategic AudiGraphics tools.

She left ARA in 2010 to work as a consultant with stations on strategic planning, programming, fundraising, and financial management.

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