Public Radio's Home for AudiGraphics

Public Radio's Home for AudiGraphics


Since the 1980s Audience Research Analysis has been a leader in helping the public radio industry interpret and act on audience research information. ARA’s founder, David Giovannoni, authored, or co-authored many of the seminal research studies (which you can find on this site) that led to expanding the reach and effectiveness of station programming.  

AudiGraphics®, ARA's customized application of Nielsen audience data, was created to give public stations listener-service based analysis tools, revealing the behavior, demographics, and radio use of their audience. AudiGraphics turns tables of numbers into easy to understand, actionable graphs.  

Leading stations, producers, networks, and CPB have relied on AudiGraphics audience research for decades to guide their decision-making. Come inside and see how AudiGraphics can help you.  


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