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Our Basic Service

Every ARA client has their own proprietary, password-protected AudiGraphics website. Besides containing the semi-annual (or quarterly, depending our your level of service), 123-page AudiGraphics report [sample report], the site offers a number of analysis tools to help you better understand your audience’s use of your programming. 

You can look at the size and demographics of your audience, when they listen, which programs contribute the most to your weekly listening, where the opportunities for growth are, how prime time dayparts are doing, see how national programming is doing on other stations around the country, and even share some or all of your data with other stations should you choose to benchmark with peers. 

As an AudiGraphics client you get free consultations to help you understand the reports, and all of the tools on the site. Whether it is a one-to-one session, or with staff and even Boards, we do everything we can to help you get the most out of your AudiGraphics investment. 

The annual fee starts at $4,400 for one broadcast service - defined as a distinct broadcast programming stream - which includes the website and its tools (except Strategic AudiGraphics) and two full AudiGraphics reports (Spring and Fall), and of course the free consultations mentioned above. Additional reports, or broadcast services, increase that fee. Contact Steve Olson for more information at 240-651-4640, or via email

As long as your stations buys the Nielsen data through the RRC, and you have a large enough audience, you can get AudiGraphics.

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