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Steve Olson, President & CEO

Steve has been in public radio for 45 years. He joined Audience Research Analysis, Inc. in January 2000 as its first Vice President and General Manager, in charge of day-to-day operations and client service. He bought the company in January 2005 upon David Giovannoni's retirement.

Steve brings extensive experience as a system leader, successful programmer, programming and management consultant, and fundraiser to ARA's clients. He knows the industry and the challenges it faces. 

Before working at ARA Steve served at stations as News Director, Music Director, Program Director, and Director of Broadcasting. From 1991 through 1997 he was the President of the Public Radio Program Directors Association, where he helped PDs improve the public service provided by their stations, and professionalize the sound of their programming. From PRPD he moved in 1997 to National Public Radio to become Director of Program Services, before coming to ARA.

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