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What is AudiGraphics?

You invest a lot in Nielsen audience data. AudiGraphics® makes the most of this investment. AudiGraphics is as dependable as Nielsen because it’s based on industry-standard Nielsen data; yet it provides the accessibility and utility that Nielsen simply doesn’t offer.

AudiGraphics provides a unique understanding of your station's listeners and how they choose among your program offerings – and your competitors’. AudiGraphics provides qualitative and quantitative information for strategic programming and promotional decisions:

Qualitative. Who are my listeners? How does programming throughout the day affect who my listeners are? How does my competition affect who my listeners are?

Quantitative. When and where are my listeners using my station? When are my listeners using radio but not my station?

Strategic. What programming on other stations do my listeners use? What com­petitors can I target with increased programming and promotional efforts, and when?

Besides disclosing audience behaviors not shown by any other source, Audi­Graphics presents its information in easy-to-read, easy-to-understand graphics. No more eye-glazing tables of numbers. At many stations Audi­Graphics has given management, staff, boards, and advisory groups a fresh and clear understanding of the programming that attracts and serves their listeners – programming on their station as well as on its competitors.

* AudiGraphics is the only analysis that displays listening at the half-hour level of detail – twice as precise as the hour, twice a reliable as the quarter-hour.

* AudiGraphics details listening by location.

* It is the only analysis that tracks your listeners’ use of other radio stations throughout the day, showing when they prefer specific competitors to your programming.

* It is the only analysis that builds on the insightful and highly applicable “core and fringe” segmenta­tion, and the consumable “listener hour” lens.

* And AudiGraphics has introduced the concept of “loyalty” – an extra­ordinary programming diagnostic, one of the most powerful indicators of audience service, and the best predictor of pledging yet devised.

AudiGraphics is the analysis of choice at radio stations on the leading edge of audience research and programming success. Hundreds of public radio stations (along with the major networks and CPB) have seen their audiences through the eyes of AudiGraphics.

AudiGraphics reports are proprietary to your station; they are produced immediately upon the release of your market’s Nielsen data and uploaded to your own secure AudiGraphics website. Consultations to review your reports are always free.

AudiGraphics reports are more reliable because they can span multiple sweeps, thereby increasing the effective sample size and the faith you can put in the audience estimates. For the same reason they are more stable.

Above all, AudiGraphics reports are useful; they are designed for action. The information you need to make decisions is readily understood and readily applied. And our Strategic tools – which allow you to analyze pledge drives, overall station financial efficiencies, and predict program change impacts – provide an even deeper understanding of station efforts.

After your purchase of Nielsen data through the Radio Research Consortium, AudiGraphics is clearly one of the best investments you can make with your research dollar.

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