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Audience Research Analysis has authored, or co-authored many of the seminal research studies in public radio in the past 40 years. On this page you can link to many those reports. Just click the title to obtain the corresponding PDF document. 

The Aging Audience

Long View of National Audience Growth

A Sense of Place

Advanced Research Methods

Airchecking Article

AM Radio Listening

Appeal and Affinity

Appeal and Public Radio’s Music

Audience 88 Reports

Framing Audience 88

The Audience 88 Study

Audience 98 Report

Audience 2010 Report #1

Audience 2010 Report #2

Audience 2010 Report #3

Audience 2010 Report #4

Audience 2010 Report #5

Audience 2010 Report #6

Audience 2010 Report #7

Availability and Accessibility


The Business of Public Service

The Cheap 90 Study

Checklist for an Ideal Positioning Statement

Classical Programming’s Predictable Future

Components of AQH

Critical Distinctions Between Public and Commercial Radio

Does Listener Focused Fundraising Work?

Listener Focused Fundraising Focus Groups Final Report

Doubling Public Radio’s Service

Evaluating Our Opportunities

Format Focusing

Guys in Suits with Charts

How Public Radio Gained Two Millions Listeners

Kids and Radio

Licensees at Risk

Listener Opinions About Classical Concert Programs

Managing Program Change

MegaTrends Public Radio Tracking Study Report

Myth and the Minority Audience

Optimum Effective Scheduling for Spots

On Air Contests

The Personal Importance of Public Radio

Power and Affinity

Principled Pragmatism

Principles and Principals

The Probability Index

Program Diffusion and Cohorts

Programming and Audience Trends

Programming Economics

Programming in Other Languages

Programming Strategies

Public Internet Consumer Insight Study

Public Radio in 2000

Radios Changing Environment

The Public Radio Tracking Study

Public Service Value and Ratings

Qualities of NPR News Loyalists

Radio Intelligence Articles 1988 to 1990

Ratings Analysis Theory and Practice

Scheduling Indecent Programming

Service to African Americans

Signal Processing and Audience

Tryanny of the AM Band

What Happened to Public Radio Listening During the Gulf War

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